"You think you know, but you don't. You really don't. 9/11 was an inside job, mark my words. The Brass just wanted an excuse to go to war with Iraq, so they manufactured one. They wanted certain crystals that could only be found in the desert. And what did they do with them? What did they do? Well, for starters, Weave Ground Zero was at an American facility. Bet you didn't know that! An American facility, working on Zero Point Energy, deep within the Iraqi border with Iran. Only something went wrong and KABOOM! A Halloween that never died. Or did it go wrong? I ask you, why were there 13 pulses recorded but only 12 Avatars? What happened to the 13th Avatar? And isn't it just oh so convenient that Professor Trinity showed up when he did? And what about NINE TANGENT APPLE? Are we really trapping the Avatars...or just stockpiling them?"

Aspects: Paranoid conspiracy nut; They're Out To Get Me; I know things. Terrible things; Spotting the threads; Never unprepared