Razorgirl was never human, though she looks it. She was developed as an infiltration and assassination android, one that could seduce their way to their targets and then kill them. Then the insane AI Deva Ex got hold of her plans, and rebuilt her with a copy of Deva Ex's megalomaniacal personality. Razorgirl served as one of Deva Ex's primary enforcers until the Watchmen cleared Dea Ex's code from Drake City's OpNet grid. Razorgirl escaped, and now amuses herself with random murders while she waits for her deranged mistress to return.

After her escape, this Razorgirl showed signs of sentience and was taken in by Nightshadow. Her murderous tendencies have subsided, but she is still learning how to think for herself. She selected the name Vanessa for herself.

Aspects: Assassin Gynoid turned Heroine; Haunted by the past, and trying to make amends; Mature body, Immature mind; Perfected by Roger, Inside and Out