Jack o' Knives
They never caught him, you know. Not the REAL Jack o' Knives. Ol' Jack, they said he came from London town on a boat that was eerie and empty of life. The murders, now, everyone knows about the Candle Hill Killings. And, eventually, someone was caught for them. And someone was hanged. He went to his grave protesting his innocence, even though they found him covered in gore holding the knife over the body of that poor girl. He said he was innocent...and I believe him. There's a lot locked up in Candle Hill Cemetery. Jack o' Knives was never one killer. Or rather, he was one killer but moving with many bodies, a rusty knife that's passed through many hands until it wound up in Candle Hill and Candle Jack himself buried it where no one ought to find it. Is it still there? I surely don't know. Between the Bloodfangs and Cryptkickers and Sluice and everything else, well, who'd notice an extra body or two?

Aspects: Spirit of murder; no body to call my own; The next job I do, I shall clip the lady's ear off just for jolly, wouldn't you?; Bathe me in the proper red stuff, and I shall give you power