Rictus Harlequin
Notorious gunman Richard Harvey Quinn was one of Maxwell Lyon's greatest assets. Quinn was theatrical and bold, and had a pathological need to see the fear in his victim's eyes before he gunned them down. To that end, he crated the Rictus Harlequin persona--a terrifying phantom in red and black motley topped with a horrifying skull mask, who would often sweep out of the shadows and gun down his victims, as well as anyone who happened to be around them.

Eventually, as Maxwell Lyon's empire crumbled, Quinn was violently gunned down in a showdown with the mysterious Spectre, a vigilante who often aided the few honest police on the DCPD.

Quinn, quite naturally, went to Hell after this. But Quinn had never been in a prison he couldn't escape. His ghost returned to Drake City, seeking revenge against The Spectre, but after a grisly rampage Miles Wyndham-Dare, director of the Roanoke Society and a learned occultist, entrapped his spirit in a mystical ward hidden in the foundations of the newly constructed Rothschild Building. The building became particularly notorious for fatal accidents and a general feeling of malevolence.

In 2020 Carrion Queen battled the Watchmen in the Rothschild Building, and the ensuing fight damaged the building's foundation. And with that, Rictus was free to stalk the streets once more...

Aspects: Hell's Hitman; Gets off on being cruel and terrifying; Spirit of Torment; Living descendants; Deadly marksman