As Seraph:

The classic white bodysuit and cape have taken a break.  The new Seraph has switched her motif entirely.

Now clad head to toe in an armored bodysuit, Seraph has custom tailored a load bearing harness as well as several pockets and pouches which are not obvious, giving the whole thing a sleek, form fitting look, and if anything she looks more muscular than she ever has.  A pair of handles normally protrudes over her shoulders.  Paying homage to the Midnight Marauder, she has left the body of the suit black, but has applied some trim and piping to add some color.

Her trademark blonde hair is now just below her chin, but it's looking better than ever.

Aspects: Sophron Veteran Superheroine; I Don't (Can't) Do That Any More; Bold When Necessary; Drake City's Famed Protector; Normal Life, Mixed Bag

As Nicole:

Nicole has started dressing better and actually coordinates her outfits now.  Though she's not able to afford haute couture, she's at least started using her needle and thread skills to make her clothes actually fit her, and has dumped that horrible giant plastic bug like spring loaded hair clip.

In training!  This picture was too perfect!