Reverend Devlin
"Greetings, one and all, and welcome to The Hour of Power. I'm your humble host, Reverend Devlin, and I have a message direct from the Lord himself! I am your shepherd and your guide in this time of tribulation, brothers and sisters. Can you hear it? The Archangel Gabriel is blowing his horn seven times, calling the Faithful to battle. And who do those Seven Thunders ring out against? Why, you know in your hearts who they are. The abortionists who murder the unborn. The scientists who deny our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and spread their soulless blasphemies to our young. And most of all, those godless and wicked Abnormals, those Satan-spawned demons in our midst! Yes, we live in a time of troubles. But take heart! With your endless faith and your generous donations, we who have heard the trumpet blasts can arm ourselves against the coming tribulation! Rejoice! Call now, brothers and sisters, and pledge yourself to his cause!"

Aspects: Televangelist; God's words from my lips; Abnormal freaks will burn in Hell (if helped along); Jesus saves the worthy; Champion of right-thinking people.