Asclepian Mystere
Meredith "Merrie" Nichole Rowe is a feisty redhead of Irish descent (aren't they all?) standing 5'0 with brilliant captivating eyes of cerulean.  Here hair is a deep, wine red and hangs down to her lower back in loose curls. She has the frame of a dancer, subtle curves and lithe, her muscles lean and tone.

The room fell silent for a moment, and then from the far end, another portal opened and out stepped a girl in a billowing mantle of purest white, like undisturbed fresh snow, draped over a sleeveless dress of the same material.

The sleeveless alabaster dress left her legs free to move as it was slit to each hip and hung loose in front and back, the bodice integrated into a leotard.  A stylized Rod of Asclepius emblazoned in blue on her chest  and a larger version of the same filled the center of the interior and exterior of the mantle.

Her arms were covered in white, fingerless gloves and knee-high soft boots covered her legs and feet.  In her hand she bore a blue and gold Staff of Asclepius which almost seemed to glow.  The girl’s features were obscured by the cowl of the mantle save for below the nose.