Reverend Luke Butler
Reverend Lucas Samuel Butler was called to ministry from a young age. He was raised in an evangelical church and it became the focus of his life. He understood early on that most people didn’t understand his faith, even mocked it with their smug, secularist attitudes, but when the Holy Spirit was in him, he pitied them, because they would not know such happiness and certainty of purpose. From the pulpit, he warned his congregation to be true to their faith, because he had seen the signs: the End Times were coming and would soon be upon them.

Then the Holy Spirit came over Reverend Butler and he was taken with a terrible fit. Parishioners who rushed to his side to help still his thrashing, heard him cry out a passage from the Book of Revelations and speak in tongues. When the shadow of the Holy Spirit passed, the Reverend Butler brushed off the aid of his flock and staggered back to the podium, his eyes shining with fervor. He had a message for them…a message from God.

Butler poured out his message: the so-called “abnormals” were no less than demons in human flesh, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They would create false religions to worship them and turn people away from faith in Jesus Christ. They would bring about a war in which the earth would shake, the sky would burn, and the oceans would be as blood. They were the destroyers, servants of Hell! But all hope was not lost; so long as the faithful continued to believe and do God’s work they would be saved and taken up into Heaven, while the corrupt world of the abnormals and their worshipers would die in fire and be cast into eternal torment.

Now Butler leads one of the largest right-wing coalitions in the nation. The Seven Thunders opposes everything that they see as flouting gods laws: abortion, homosexuality, teaching evolution to impressionable youth, and, above all else, the Abnormals. Their tendrils have spread wide and deep, their message of hate being heard across talk radio, television and the OpNet.

Aspects: Right-wing extremist preacher; There are devils everywhere, they must be exposed; Your demon-spawned powers will not avail you; Friends in high places; Praise Republican Jesus