White Lioness
Southside's most famous Tanzanian is possibly the only 100% crowdfunded superhero operating in Drake. Those who know about or follow her online know her "reinforced" right arm and the last two fingers of her left hand were lost to a machete attack at the age of 7. She has a lot to say about Tanzanians who use albino body parts in traditional power ceremonies.

She also has a lot to say about systemic inequality, the disconnect between cops and communities and the rampant corporate exploitation of the poor, providing hacks and upgrades to artificial limbs and accessability tech free to those in need. Those who don't know about the White Lioness often assume the sensible armour, powerful frame and rare glimpses of pale flesh belong to a man, a Caucasian American, or both: this is the running gag that spawned whitewhitelioness.juglr

Several of the police drones that once patrolled areas deemed a drain on resources to watch over have been mysteriously botnapped on the Lioness' territory.

Part metal, all woman; Tech power to the People; Truth, Justice, and Fuck Da Police