Wild Card Nova

Mohammad Chan, an 18 year old Chinese-Persian-American, was assisting in his Uncle Ahmed's pawn shop when the Cryptkickers came by. He took three of them with a baseball bat before the others got him down and dragged him away to become part of the Wild Card experiment. When he awoke, his newly-opened node began drawing in massive amounts of Avatar energy, transforming him into a being of fire and power.

Aspects: Brave child of immigrants; Chronic hero syndrome; Power overwhelming; Rage against the bullies

Monica Lewis is the victim of one poor decision after another, leading her down a trail of self-destruction that ended with her being volunteering to be a lab rat for Carrion Queen in exchange for her next fix. Her node latched on to a secret power fantasy she'd always had, the desire to leave her wretched body and become something else. Well, she got her wish...but though she can shapeshift, she still can't escape herself...

Aspects: Superpowered junkie screwup; Never my fault; In search of an escape

Pastor Saul Parker was a pious man, who preached of the coming war between Heaven and Hell. The radio told him that the minions of Satan, these abominable "abnormals," were demons in disguise. his congregation made him proud, taking the fight to the gangs of monsters, turning public opinion against them. They took exception to this, and descended upon the entire congregation during a weekly prayer meeting. But though they tortured him, they weren't going to break him, for he had the Lord on his side. Now an angel whispers to him, telling him that he has been chosen by god and gifted with certain powers--powers he can use against those unclean abominations!

Aspects: Conservative abnormal-hating preacher; Doing God's will (which just happens to be my own); I am his terrible swift sword; My flock needs me