Rick Davis suffers from a number of psychotic delusions. He is a true sociopath, utterly without empathy for other living creatures. More than that, he believes superhumans are involved in an apocalyptic conflict. This battle will continue until there are only two left: a new Adam and Eve who will give birth to the superhuman race of the future. He further believes he gains power with each victim that he kills yes, he watched The Highlander a few too many times when he was a kid. This belief makes him more than a little paranoid. After all, every other superhero in the world undoubtedly wants to kill him, even if they say they don't. The only person he cares about is Taxes; despite his overall lack of empathy, he truly loves her and will do anything to protect her.

Aspects: Superpowered Serial Killer; There can be only two; Hopelessly in love with Taxes