Dana Cortez is a delusional sociopath, pushed over the edge when she developed paranormal abilities. Her powers allow her to sense and drain superhuman powers. She gains the abilities of her victims but these powers do not last. She is intensely jealous of those who have "permanent" powers, and believes her ability to steal superhuman abilities proves her victims do not "deserve" them. Unsatisfied with her ability, she is determined to find a way to permanently siphon off the powers of her victims. She hopes killing one of her victims will allow her to keep their powers, but so far it's never worked. She's constantly coming up with new ideas: strange rituals, bizarre "inventions" constructed out of junk, and other odd schemes she hopes will provide her with permanent powers.

Aspects: Power-stealing Serial Killer; Jealous of Abnormals; Power Hungry; Death is my meat shield and boy toy; Honey to catch the flies.