Herbert Tobias Blackcroft, a wealthy New Englander who fancied himself as something of an aristocrat, took to writing down some of his strange dreams and then turning them into science fiction. Then the dreams got worse and worse, and then...things started happening. People began disappearing. People spoke of visiting the fictional locations he wrote about. Some even say they saw the horrors he put on paper, creeping about in the shadows of Providence. The nightmares only increased after that, setting the writer into pitched screaming fits. The local sheriff eventually raided Blackcroft's home, and found the grisly remains of the missing people in the basement, pulled apart on a cat's cradle of hooks. Blackcroft, maintaining his innocence throughout the proceedings, claimed that it had to have been The Others, the monstrous things he'd written about, that had killed them. They locked the ranting madman in Hillside Asylum. Blackcroft has remained institutionalized ever since, never aging, never sleeping, never eating; screaming at the waking nightmares trapped inside his own skull, begging for a pen to release them.

Aspects: Tormented artist writing nightmares into reality; The visions! They won't stop!; Herald of Oneiros; Hideous immortality; Warps reality