Ten years to the day after The Shadow Weave unleashed the Brave New World, 12 simultaneous nuclear blasts shook Weave Ground Zero on the border between Iraq and Iran. Team Tomorrow, the world's preeminent superhero team, were sent to investigate. None returned. One week later, the President of The Persian Republic claimed that Allah had sent him 12 angels to assist him in creating a global Islamic state. He revealed the 12 Avatars to the world and proclaimed that with their might, he would usher in a new Golden Age.

The Avatar Crisis had begun.

After four years of bloody, world-ravaging battle the Avatars were captured. Their power was siphoned off to fuel the rebuilding. Today, each of the Avatars powers whole nations.

And the world dreads the day when one of those prisons fails, and the Avatars are released once more...

Aspects: God of Destruction; You are but ants before me; Control of all matter; Power overwhelming; That is not dead which can eternal lie