The Candle Man
Yup. I'm burned up. You ain't much of a prize yourself, though, so *cough, hack* who are you to judge? Thing is, I'm still burning. You can't see it, of course, you ain't been where I been. Didn't eat no faerie food, drink no faerie wine. That stuff marks you. And it binds you, too. I was trapped there for ten years, transformed into a candle, silently screaming as I burned, forgetting I was even human. It took the song of a scullery maid, half hummed, to make me remember, to break the spell and set me free.

And then I get home, and what do I find? I was never missed. The fuckers made a...a doll, a toy, to replace me, a mannequin that was enchanted to be me. And apparently my wife didn't care it wasn't me she was fucking. So I broke them both, then set the whole place on fire. Burned it all down. And I've been searching ever since, looking for more of those cuckoo toys, more signs the bastards have stolen another one. And I break them, and I burn them, and I send a message: we don't want you here. We will fight back. We will burn all the bridges you use to fuck with our world. We will break all your toys.