No one who has encountered the lunatic known as Gepetto could safely claim that the man retains even a shred of sanity. The rare moments of passivity and even compassion are fiercely tempered by a manic obsession with collecting more and more marionettes, which he refers to as his “children.”

Gepetto is ranked among the most-wanted serial killers in the United States; authorities speculate that the deranged psychopath has been responsible for dozens of deaths over the past 15 years. He kills all kinds of victims, but seems to favor young adults (and will never knowingly harm a child). He kills in order to obtain a sample of blood, which he paints on the chest of newly carved marionettes. Whether or not Gepetto's powers actually requires the marionettes to be smeared in blood is a matter of serious debate among those who track his habits.

Gepetto cares for his wooden creations more than anything else in the world; seldom will he willingly sacrifice a marionette for anything other than his own safety. He prefers to dress the marionettes in gaudy costumes such as clowns or cowboys, imagining a different personality for each of his criminal brood. He often carries on one-sided conversations with his puppets, but they never respond anywhere outside of Gepetto's head.

Aspects: Insane Master Of Marionettes; Creepy and Violent; My Children Are Everything; Pulling The Strings;