The Joker
No one seems to know where the lunatic with the pale skin in the purple coat came from. Some rumors say he was a mob hit man who jumped in a vat of chemicals to escape pursuit, then snapped when he found himself permanently bleached and outcast. Some think he was a failed comedian who turned to crime, hoping to make someone, anyone, laugh, and took to ever more extreme methods to get reactions. Some think he was a soldier who survived a disfiguring explosion, and became an anarchist and terrorist to punish the society that used him as a pawn. Some think he read too many comic books, a cosplayer who took his shtick far too seriously. Some think he may actually be the comic book character come to life, either some form of demented anarchy spirit or a refugee from a parallel world.

No one knows for sure, and you sure as Hell can't trust anything he says on the matter, because he's known for using all those stories and more. All anyone knows is that The Joker has crawled from the four-color world and into our own, leaving a trail of bodies and explosions behind him.

Aspects: Psychotic Monster Clown; Why So Serious?; Horrific Reputation; Agent of Chaos; Deadly Pranks