There's something a little off about the cyborg known as Deadware. Maybe it's the smell: more of herbs than of industry. Maybe it's the way he moves: smoothly, but more like a masterfully manipulated puppet than an organic creature. He looks out at the world through mirrored lenses set into pale flesh. The only part of his appearance that seems properly expressive is his mouth, which is frequently curled into a sardonic grin. There's the barest hint of accent to his English; his voice is also perpetually somewhat hoarse, as if he's spent hours shouting into the wind.

Deadware favors long coats and will sometimes accompany them with hats to further obscure his form and features.

Aspects: Turner of Stones; Necrotech Monstrosity; Former Child Prodigy; Friends are for the Living; Sharp as a Tack, Blunt as a Hammer