Talon, the common name by which he his known to nearly all, is tall for an elf but built with that slim ranginess that compliments his grace and agility. He walks and moves like a cat. His features are sharp and angled, the features prominent and distinct. His hair is silvery and his eyes are the color of raging stormclouds. His smile is thin and veil much of the powerful intellect he possesses. His armor, weapons and gear are simple but well cared for and dyed in earthen tones.

He is fearless before his foes and merciful upon the downtrodden. He carries himself as a Hero should, for that is what he would become. Not for any self-gratification or praise of others, but for the simple fact that it is his birthright, and he will not disgrace countless generations of his line that spilled their blood before him. He is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge and skill, he is dedicated to his companions, and he is stalwart in his endeavors.

The pride of his ancient house is strong and he will seldom back down from an affront or challenge to his heritage. His drive to regain his family's ancestral lands in the Mierani Forest is a weakness and may blind him to false promises.

His true identity is Calithrandil of House Stormclaw, a powerful Elven family line believed to have died out an elven generation or two ago. Since the Earthfall, his family has lived in Sovryian, the mystical elven homeland. Hence, he is new to Varisia, and his passage to Kyonin through the elf-gates means many new experiences and challenges.

Now he has desires to seek after a forgotten ancestral weapon lost at the time of the fallen Starstone, recover it, and prove his lineage. The legendary Stormclaw itself, also known as the Black Blade, awaits him, but will reveal itself only when he is ready.

A prodigy of magic and blade, Talon has the potential and raw talent to become something of a legend, if he can find those who will guide and teach him to become so. His only link to his past is a blind and nearly forgotten ancient elven Magus who claims to have known the last living members of his family, and who was instrumental in secreting away the young elven child. Talon must prove himself worthy and capable, he must recover the lost family blade and only then will he be able to begin realizing his duty to restore the fallen House of Stormclaw.