Physically Grigore is an average speciman, for a Varisian. He stands 5'8" and weighs 125 lbs. He wears vibrant clothing, usually including a scarf of some sort, the color of which depends on what his goals for the day are. His arms are covered with intricate tattoos, the most prominent being those on his upper arms. The right one is of a seven pointed star; the left of a Harrow Deck with iridescent wings.

Grigore was born and raised in Magnimar. He lead a fairly normal life until five years ago. One night at his parent's home, he still lived with them since he hadn't married, an owl flew into his window. He started to try to shoo it back out but there was something about the creature that stayed his hand. It flew atop a shelf and stared directly into his eyes and Grigore felt...something. He took the owl in as a pet. A few days later he began to feel a connection to some sort of force using the owl as a conduit. He didn't completely understand what the force was but it began to teach him magic. It also influenced him to get out his family's Harrow Deck. His mother had given it to him the day he received his kapenia but he had never tried to use it. With it's help he found that he was actually a pretty good fortune teller.

As time went on he became more and more curious as to the origins of his Patron, as he had come to call it. The Patron also started influencing him to travel Varisia and to learn about the Thassilonian empire. Grigore got the feeling that the two things were related. He started researching his people's homeland and saving up for the trip. He eventually met up with a young man named Lan who was going to Sandport and he saw his opportunity.