Allura Danvers

Allura is dressed in whites, golds and reds with a gold colored mask covering her face. It has simple eye slits and a small slit for a mouth. Her fingers are capped in gold colored caps that end in sharp points, these caps have delicate chains leading to a bracelet. Allura stands 5'11" and is well proportioned and healthy looking though her skin when it is seen is pale. If one looked at the eye slits in her mask they could see golden eyes looking back at them.

The feint smell of perfume comes from her as well if one were sharp of senses.
Her clothing is bright and could be confused for entertainers clothing perhaps more so with the golden mask. They are styled like desert wear with veils and soft cloth wrapping.

Allura was born in Chelliax where her celestial heritage was more of a burden and was treated more as a pariah then blessing. Her family arranged to have her cloistered away to keep her out of sight. This lead to a lack of worldly knowledge and a focus on books and tomes from her families library. Though as she became older more an more her celestial heritage showed leading her family to send her to an orphanage in Magnimar. Far from home and feeling abandoned and like she had done something wrong she turned inwardly on herself.

She took to wearing a mask to hide her features and upon seeing Varisian attire with veils and scarfs took to dressing similarly.

She travels with her pet Pangolin.