Mina is a young Shoanti woman who has been living in Riddleport since she was a little girl. She inherited her mother's dark, smoldering good looks and soft curves but with enough of her father's muscular, athletic build to be truly intimidating if she wished to. She's very confident and sure of herself, though thoroughly uneducated and ignorant about many basic facts of higher education. She can read and write, but not much past that. She makes up for it with the force of her personality and will, which are both powerful. Called to Iomedae to spread his word as an evangelist, she travels and seeks out glory and heroes.

She tends to have the obsessive personality of a zealot, but understands that not everyone is the same, and not everyone serves the gods the same way. When she chooses to get involved with something she is a very driven and determined young woman. When she puts her mind to it and actually starts with something, she always does it 110%, and she takes no criticism from anyone.  She's kind of an outcast, a Shoanti in the city and at her core likes to shock people, and she has an powerful competitive streak.