Poison creation- the ability to create a variety of airborn toxins, usually non-lethal, although has been seen to be fatal if enough is ingested. Effects have been shown to range from hallucinogenic, to paralytic, to acidic.

Minor water manipulation- the ability to control water in the form of fog, and to convert water from this fog into different states, such as through condensation, sublimation, or deposition.

Minor phasing- Miasma has demonstrated on several occasions to phase her hands and feet through solid material. It is unknown if this ability is full-body or simply the extremities.

NOTES: While Miasma is one of the four main Epics beneath Cataclysm, she is not a High Epic.

KNOWN WEAKNESS: None, but is damaged by normal weaponry

THEORIZED WEAKNESS: Miasma has been known to execute seemingly harmless individuals. No investigation has occurred, and no connection has yet been made by S.U.E.

PREVIOUS HISTORY: Miasma was a resident of Ozymandias before the rise of Calamity, and made her claim on what would become District 2 very shortly before the arrival of Cataclysm. She appeared to have made her partnership with Escher about two years after the establishment of Ozymandias.