EPIC NAME: Moreau (Brad Harris)


Physical Transformation- this ability is used by Moreau to turn into a variety of mammals and avians. He does appear to be somewhat limited by mass; he has never been recorded turned into anything smaller than a raven or larger than a wolf.

Forced Transformation- Moreau has shown that his abilities can be applied forcefully to other individuals and animals. This often results in the death of the victim. When death is not the result, whatever transformation occurred appears to gradually fade over the course of several months, although this is based on very few accounts.

NOTES: It is unknown if the forced transformation results in death because Moreau chooses it to be so, implying that he could also perfectly transform others, or if it is because the ability is inherently flawed to perform as such.

Moreau appears to be highly entertained by his 'experiments' on others, and often visits the prison to collect subjects.

He is also known to leave Ozymandias for long periods of time to roam the Wilds, and is not affiliated with any particular district.

KNOWN WEAKNESS: None yet observed.

PREVIOUS HISTORY: Unknown. Appeared from the Wilds two years after the establishment of Ozymandias.