Osteokinesis- spontaneous growth and manipulation of human skeletal structures. Has been demonstrated to create weapons and armor.

This ability is extended to the manipulation and distortion of other's skeletons. This may be small afflictions through direct touch, or a long process similar to cancer.

These processes do not appear to pain Blight, but is noted as being tremendously painful for his victims. Some are afflicted more severely than others, ranging from benign 'blightmarks' to total immobilization and death similar to the disease Ossificans progressivia.

Accelerated healing- not spontaneous regeneration, but enough to heal wounds created through his other abilities.

NOTES: Blight's bone armor provides a form of invulerability; he does not appear to feel pain as a normal human would, and can take direct hits with these organic shields.

Consider adding 'pain immunity' to power portfolio.

Blight is the reigning Epic of District 3.

KNOWN WEAKNESS: None yet observed. Radio has been banned in District 3, may be correlation, although audio transmissions through radio have had no effect.

PREVIOUS HISTORY: An individual matching Blight's description emerged in Canada when Calamity rose, and similar accounts have been collected from the Wilds.

Blight was one of the last of the High Epics to enter Ozymandias. He arrived seven years after Ozymandias' District 3 was established, and made his claim to the area, evicting(?) the previous Epic, Specter.

Although his rule is harsh and his power affects the areas of the district he frequents most in very negative ways, most people feel his presence is preferable to risking the Wilds.