Gronk reinforces some stereotypes about Half-Orcs while belying others. Physically, he's fairly typical in appearance, upholding the old human prejudices that "all Half-Orcs look alike" and are naturally athletic. Gronk is indeed a hulking mass of muscle, covered in taught, greenish-grey flesh, topped by an bristly shock of dark hair that he tries to keep cut short on the sides. Despite his burly build, Gronk moves with the speed and grace of a large jungle cat.

His demeanor, however, is unusual for a "typical" Half-Orc. He's not given to surliness or brooding introspection, nor is he particularly volatile or violent, unless grievously provoked or in the midst of a particularly desperate battle. In general, Gronk is good natured and jovial, seeming to enjoy most aspects of life- especially putting on a good show in the arena or on the battlefield.

Currently, Gronk is wearing a suit of red scale male (looted from a Bloodforged officer), an open-faced steel helmet, and carries a Old Lemnish foot soldier's shield into battle. His primary weapon is a nasty-looking morning star he calls 'Spike'.