Corros Graelor
Corros was seven when the dreams of the library began.  They were quiet at first, a refuge of sorts for a child that had been running the streets from the age of 4.  He would find moments to sleep in a secluded belfry or garden, and slip into sleep and wander long corridors of books arranged in geometrically impossible designs.  At first he was too scared to touch the books, but slowly, ever so slowly, he began to touch the covers, then sneak them off the shelf.  Most were incomprehensible, a few were written in the tongue of his mother, letters remembered from hazy bits of the past, recalled more as songs than anything else.

So Corros started to sound things out.  And the library rearranged itself.  Simple books appeared, some with pictures, others that spoke.  An education took place in his dreams, one that as he got older, took a darker turn into the minds of others and harnessing powers that mimicked the wizards that occasionally wandered through the streets of his city.

It was when he was fifteen that Corros figured out that the library was something else, a symbolic representation.  The young warlock wasn't reading books, he was tapping into an intelligence, a mind of vast and unknowable proportions.  A mind that was slowly granting powers and knowledge.  Occasionally he would catch glimpses of other visitors, but no one he could ever approach or find.  Eventually he realized that the library was acting out some kind of rote process, following a process that rewarded mastery, but wasn't capable, or aware enough, to actually interact with him.  Maybe in time he would rise to notice, but not yet.

Corros has taken to adventure, seeking the opportunity to escape his disrupted childhood, the ability to increase his powers, and maybe some wealth.  He's good with people, if not always genuine.  Slow to trust, he still understands the power of groups.  At the core, he's not far removed from a little boy who lost his parents and had to make his own way through many scary nights.

Physical Description:
Corros is a skinny, black haired youth of some 19 winters in age.  He has his mother's elven heritage in his blue eyes and cheek bones.
Her blood makes him look almost fragile, a look that being underfed for most of his life hasn't helped. Several tattoos that match the
color of his eyes have been marked onto his face, around his eyes.