Amaldaris Cenovir
Physical Description: Amaldaris is a tall and willowy High Elf with a tough and athletic frame, the result of many years of discipline, meditation and training.  Like many Elves his age is hard to judge, his face youthful and his brown hair free of any signs of grey.  For those who know what to look for however his eyes reveal that he has been on the World of Tohrweld for many years, well over two centuries.

He dresses in well made Elven clothes, conservative in style with subtle decoration, typically a loose tunic, close fitting trousers and ankle boots, usually in sober and dark colours.  Unusually for someone who is clearly a warrior of some kind Amaldaris doesn't wear armour of any kind, though he does carry a short spear of a strange design, its blade longer than is normal for a stabbing spear.

Background: Amaldaris is a member of the Ral'Keth, an Elven Order of Warrior Monks, practitioners of the Way of the Open Hand, headquartered in the City State of Thand-vaar.  They are self-appointed guardians of those in need, dedicated to their protection through direct intervention.  As members of the order are usually from the reserved society of the City State of Thand-vaar however their view on morality can often be quite simplistic, making the Ral'Keth appear quite judgemental and naive to others.