Nis'hana Javari
Nis'hana was born in Nevada and spent her spare time learning ballet and rock climbing. She attended Starfleet Medical Academy and served her internship at the Vulcan Medical Academy. Her first tour was on the Medical Ship USS Hope, an Olympic Class vessel, where she spent 5 years. Before coming to USS Minerva, Dr. Javari served for 2 years on another Olympic Class starship, the USS Aldebaran.

Description and Personality
Height: 5/7"/170 cm
Weight: 125 lbs/57 kg
Stats:  36D-24-34
Complexion: lightly tan
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown

Nis'hana's high cheekbones give hints of her Indian heritage as her ability to "tell it like it is" might be contributed to her Irish/Scottish/French/German heritage.  She had a classical upbringing.  Her parents put her in ballet school since she was 5 years old and she still keeps it up since it is a good exercise program.  When she can, she went out to climb the various rock croppings that dotted the Nevada landscape.  She always was practicing on healing up animals and brought them home so it was a natural progression to go to medical school.