Cesar Soares
Date of File: Stardate 5928.5
FULL NAME: Joaquim César Bento Imada Soares de Freitas e Braga.
(It can go even longer- even this is the shortened version. For example, his confirmation name adds "Antônio de Sant'Anna Galvão" as another middle name.)
Grade: 0-1 (Ensign)
DOB: March 3, 2244. (Age 25)
POB: São Paulo, Brazil
Entered on Active Duty from: Earth (Terra, Sector 001)
Permanent Home of Record: São Paulo, Brazil
Next of Kin: Xavier Soares (father); Sumiko Soares (nee Imada) (mother), São Paulo, Brazil

Primary Education: Colégio Dante Alighieri, São Paulo. [Files on request.]
Secondary Education: Starfleet Enlisted Preparatory Program

Military Education:
-Bootcamp: Starfleet Unified Services Academy, Mars, 2259-60.
-Assigned to Advanced Hand-to-Hand Training Program, Praia do Galeão training facility, Rio de Janiero Brazil, 2260.
-Coursework, Hoshi Sato Linguistic Institute, University of Brasilia. Language: Klingonaase.
        -Graduate of Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth [Coursework completed while performing duties], 2264.
-Advanced Tactical School, Starfleet War College, San Francisco  (Assistant under Vice-Admiral Oscar McIlrath, Retired)

-Frock-Commissioned [Provisional brevet promotion without completing Academy/Cruise] to Ensign, 2261, transfer from Security to Command Track.
-Special Detached Assignment, Starfleet War College, San Francisco 2264-69 [Full details available on verification of Security Clearance.]
-Assigned to Operations Center, Deep Space Station K-8, Beta Quadrant 2269
-Assigned, Klingon Tactical Specialist, USS Minerva (NCC-2628) (Present)

Awards and Decorations:
[Various fairly-standard Qualification ratings- Phaser, helm, hand-to-hand, etc]
-Commendation: For actions as OPFOR during Fleet Maneuvers and Wargames, while serving at War College. (There are also several similar commendations for papers and other work he produced while at ATS).

Description: César stands at a trim, fit 172 cm (5'8"). He typically keeps a regulation Starfleet haircut. He's clean-shaven. He has a tattoo on his left bicep of a snake smoking a pipe, typically covered by his uniform.

Personality: You'll have to meet him. ;) At this time, he is very formal while on-duty, as he has yet to settle into his role and position.