Abby Renfro
Abby always knew she was adopted. No one in her family had blue eyes or black hair, or any trace of an English accent. Problem was, her parents always denied it, but it was never discussed. The other kids knew too, but they accepted Abby as family, so much so that she was even the bridesmaid at her sister's wedding at fourteen. They also knew Abby was different when her abilities started to manifest themselves. Everyone in the family did what they could to keep her talents under wraps, but did not discourage them either, providing she used discretion. Sadly, discretion is not in a fourteen year old's vocabulary, especially less than six months after being forced to move with her parents out of Midtown and away from all her friends.

Abby was free spirited and reckless to a fault as soon as her powers began to appear. Within two weeks, her parents were in her doorway and turned her television to a news story about Gotham PD  pursuing a flying person that when they finally had cornered, then loose with an electrical storm and then disappeared. The giggle that escaped Abby confirmed their suspicions and a long talk followed that eventually ended with them telling her what little they knew. Within days of Wendy having a miscarraige after being a victim of a car crash during a police chase, a basket with a crying Abby had appeared on their balcony. With no way to return the infant and knowing that no one would ever beleive them, so they raised her as the daughter they had lost. They did not even know her birth name, and the only thing they had to connect with her birth parents was an ornate dagger. Abby was upset, but releived to know as much of the truth as she could find out. She looked at the blade, and decided her parents should keep it safe for now. The problem was, the mischief did not stop.

it wasn't until Abby was seventeen that her misuse of her powers came back to haunt her. A street gang she had harassed managed to track her down, and Abby returned home to find ambulances and police cars outside her home. The gang had invaded the house, and both her parents had been seriously wounded. Outraged, and riddled with guilt, Abby dressed herself up in black clothes and sunglasses and hunted down the  gang's hangout. End result, eleven punks in the hospital with serious injuries and electrical burns AFTER they admitted to being responsible for the home invasion. When questioned, they couldn't describe the person responsible for their downfall, except a flying female ninja that could shoot lightning bolts from her hands, who called herself Arc.

Abby felt good about helping clean up her neighbourhood, and decided to continue under her new Arc guise with a better costume. Within six months, the vigilante had crime in a ten square block under control, though was smart enough to lay low when real heroes or villains came around, either to recruit or deal with the upstart. She did have one bad habit, she was not above helping herself to her target's wallets, which she put to good use supporting her parents and herself. Mom and Dad did not approve, but as tight as things were, they did not try to stop her.

Full Name: Abigail Renfro
- Nicknames: Abby
- Codename: Arc

- Date of Birth: November 1
- Age: 23
- Place of Residence: The Bowery
- Place of Birth:  Unknown, adopted in MidTown
- Nationality: American
- Father: George Renfro, sanitation engineer
- Mother: Wendy Refro, night shift cashier

- Brother(s): Albert (29), Dennis (21)
- Sister(s): Kelsey  Fowler (28)
- Other relations: Thomas Fowler ( brother inlaw), Ken and Audrey Renfro ( grandparents)
Note: Does not know who her birth mother or father are

- Height: 5'7"
- Weight: 122lbs
- Hair Color: brown, shoulder length
- Eye color: blue

- Distinguishing Features: lightning bolt on left  hip

- Brief Physical Description: attractive young girl with an impish smile normally hidden by a constant dour expression

- Quirks: not into goth, but tends to dress like it

- Religion: None

- Psychological background: Tends to be free spirited and fun loving, sometimes too much if someone can get through her withdrawn shell

Money - $2200
Savings - yeah right!!


Basic superhero equipment
complete costume and 3 spares (really just black yoga pants, matching sweater, combat boots, extrication gloves and a mask)
decent wardrobe (mostly from big box discount stores [TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.]

Utility Belt (military canvas web belt)
2 pouches
8 speedy cuffs
2 penlights
mini binoculars
 old "flip style" cellphone with pay as you go plan
small digital camera

At home (basement two room dive with back alley exit)
21" CRT TV ( rescued from dumpster)
blu ray player and collection of bargain bin action movies
iPad mini with Fire 5.0 scanner app (donated to her by drug runner that doesn't need it anymore)
personal items


Can heal herself, or with great effort, others.
Can fly.
Exceptionally strong.
Can expel electricity from her hands, with variable range between a strong static shock to full blown Lightning blasts. Tends to use like a taser most times