Aubrey Stross
Tom falls in love with Selina, an older woman that disappears after an intense affair. Tom searches for her and after an investigation that takes up the bulk of the novel discovers Charlie to be a resident of Innsmouth. She had disappeared because she had begun to transform into one of the town's Deep Ones. In love despite the revelation and committed to raise the hybrid growing in Charlie's womb, Tom stays chooses to reside in Innsmouth with his aquatic bride.

The Dimensional Device
Nathan, an inventor, is bribed by Rinko, a succulent Japanese woman, with incredible sex to build a machine that allows dimensional beings to take physical form. Most of the novel is made up of the creation of the machine and the acquisition of parts, and ducking and dodging men after Rinko for the theft of the plans to build the device. When it was turned on Rinko revealed she had suffered under the influence of a horrific parasite that was tethered to her body with sordid tentacles for most of her life. She sedated the monster made solid by the machine while Nathan was held down by jellyfish with lamprey eels for arms that gleefully feasted upon the incubus Rinko freed herself of while it was spent from finally being able to physically touch her. Able to move while her incubus was devoured Nathan turned the machine off and was left by Rinko now that she was free of her burden only to find he had been descended upon by one of his own.