Valentine Frederickson
Valentine Josef Frederickson, called Val by those that know him and VJ by his friends, has been considered an enigma by the entire town since the first day he showed up. Carrying nothing more than a backpack and a duffel, he appeared just in time to save Sid Barnes after he mistakenly got between a mother grizzly and her two cubs. Where he came was not important at the moment and no one really thought to ask afterwards despite it was  a couple hour drive to the next town and he had been on foot in freezing temperatures.

Thankful, Sid offered Val a job in his general store with part of his pay going to room and board in the small apartment upstairs, which Val accepted after little hesitation. Val rarely talks about himself, but he explained he needed a change of scenery and a fresh start, so he had tried his hand at the crab fishery, but found out very quickly the Bering Sea was no place for someone that gets seasick and survived one trip. Before that, he had floated between jobs, he had not found what he really wanted to do. Turned out helping an old man run a store that had a little bit of everything seemed to appeal to Val, since that was two years ago.

In his few years, Valentine has drawn interest by the townsfolk because there are things that do not seem to add up. The foremost has led the kids to call him the Boogeyman, because despite his size (6’2” and 230lbs), he is incredibly agile and quiet, which he has on many occasions used to  sneak up on kids from time to time. To the accusations in conjunction with the nickname, with a slight hint of an accent he generally replies either “I was a cat in a past life” or “Not anymore, but I used to be” with a big grin. He has a very good rapport with the younger residents, often playing hockey and soccer with them as much as the adults. This leads to another curiosity about Val. He normally wears baggy clothes and long sleeves that hide he is in incredible shape, which he merely attributes to working and staying active.

Not one to do anything to get noticed, Val has only been in trouble with the sheriff’s office once, after getting tossed in the drunk tank for the night and having to pay restitution for a broken table and window at Thirsty's after interfering to break up a fight and both of the other men turned on him. Luckily neither man pressed charges after being released from the clinic. Those that witnessed the fight claimed it was far from a fair fight, and they should have had two or three more men despite Val was very drunk, which rarely happens that anyone could remember. In fact, the bartender claimed he had saw Val get sloshed once before, roughly the same time of year, and he had been toasting someone that night as well. Oddly, when he was processed, the sheriff could find nothing on Val, not even a social insurance number. He later disputed that, by producing all of his ID, which checked out after the clerical error was revealed that Valentine was his given, not his surname.

There had been other instances that puzzle folk and lead to rumours and gossip in his two years. Two teens claim to have seen him kill a rat trying to get in the back door by throwing his pocket knife. No one in town will shoot against him at the range, and he is not invited to the annual clay pigeon tournament. He strongly dislikes having his picture taken and gets angry if he discovers his image anywhere. The strangest is he doesn’t seem to sleep, and it is not uncommon to find him wandering or jogging the streets in the middle of the night. When asked about any of these, he generally shrugs them off, “I have only been in this town for a little while, but I challenge you to find me anyone in this town that doesn’t have a few quirks,”followed by a lop sided grin.