April Jones
Barely five feet tall, April has no delusions about trying to intimidate anyone, instead remaining quiet and avoiding attention to get through life and the world.

In costume April has confidence, has presence, isn't April anymore but someone else, someone able to talk to strangers.. even if she can start to ramble on if given a sliver of an indication you might be interested in a topic she enjoys.

April spends her days working in spreadsheets and her evenings slaying dragons or blasting robots. Ever the office drone, video games are her escapes - it had been reading, until her younger brother got into gaming, pulling her into it too - why read about adventure when you can experience it!

Cosplay is an escape, and April puts much thought and consideration to her costumes, this time going for the strong and friendly, lonely yet finds the beauty in the world around her. April doesn't have the bust so many Serana cosplayers use to emphasise the normal cleavage window in her outfit, but that doesn't matter to April, only that she's a tough vampire who could take anyone.