Monica Rambeau

Solo    D8
Buddy    D6
Team    D10

Been There, Fought That
I Used to Lead the Avengers
Same Name, Different Hero

Intangibility    d10
Space Flight    d12
SFX: Zap! On a successful reaction against a close-combat attack action, inflict physical
stress with your effect die at no PP cost. Spend 1 PP to step it up.
Limit: Half-Life. Change any Electromagnetic Form power into a complication to gain
1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover that power.
Limit: Mutually Exclusive. Shutdown Electromagnetic Form to activate Electromagnetic
Projection. Shutdown Electromagnetic Projection to recover Electromagnetic

Energy Blast    d10
Radiation Control    d8
Subsonic Flight    d8
SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep
an additional effect die.
SFX: Energy Absorption. On a successful reaction against an energy-based attack
action, convert your opponent’s effect die into an Electromagnetic Projection
stunt or step up an Electromagnetic Projection power until used in an action.
If your opponent’s action succeeds, spend 1 PP to use this SFX.
SFX: Versatile. Replace Energy Blast with 2d8 or 3d6 on your next roll.
Limit: Overload. Shutdown any Electromagnetic Projection power to gain 1 PP. Activate
an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover that power.

Combat Expert    d8
Cosmic Expert    d8
Crime Expert    d8
Psych Expert    d8

1 XP when you give orders in the midst of an Action Scene.
3 XP when you use your Electromagnetic Projection power set to create an asset for
a teammate.
10 XP when you either declare someone else leader so that you can lead a different
team, or turn down an offer to lead another team in order to stay with Nextwave.

1 XP when you threaten to destroy someone with your Electromagnetic Projection
power set.
3 XP when you deal out stress to the most significant threat in an Action Scene.
10 XP when you either destroy a global threat with your Electromagnetic Projection
power set or use an Electromagnetic Form power to create a complication that
allows the team to save the day.