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Solo    d6
Buddy    d10
Team    d8

Hapless Romantic
Heroic Prankster
Terrifying Potential

Power Sets
Enhanced Durability     d8
Enhanced Senses     d8
Enhanced Speed     d8
Enhanced Stamina     d8
Ice Blast     d8
Ice Mastery     d10
Intangibility     d6
SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Constructs. When using a Cryokinesis power to create assets, add a d6 and step up your effect die.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 pp to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from cold-based attacks.
SFX: Multipower. Add more than one Cryokinesis power die to your pool. Step back each Cryokinesis power die in your pool once for each die beyond the first.
SFX: Omega-Level Mutant. Step up or double any Cryokinesis power for one action. If that action fails, add a die to doom pool equal to the normal rating of that power die.
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any Cryokinesis power to gain 1 pp. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover that power.
Limit: Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.

Business Expert     d8
Psych Expert     d8
1 XP when you discuss how you can use your powers.
3 XP when you take stress when using your powers.
10 XP when you either seek out a mentor to help you unlock your full mutant potential, or abandon your friends and teammates in your quest to reach your limits.

1 XP when you discuss your adventures during your first years with Xavier.
3 XP when you rebel against XavierÂ’s philosophy.
10 XP when you either join a team of mutants who are not the X-Men, or join a nonmutant superhuman team.