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23:27, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Iron Armor mob


Team    Xd8

Constructed By Tony Stark
Mechanical Action
Controlled By Whom?

Power Sets
Swarm    d8
SFX: Area Attack/Collateral Damage: Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 and keep +1 Effect die. Step back the highest die in the pool then add the highest-rolling die to the Doom Pool before calculating the total.
SFX: Emotionless: Spend a die from Doom Pool to ignore emotional stress.
SFX: Reinforcements. Any Opportunity rolled in a dice pool to affect Doombots Mob activates to add 1 to Team (+1 PP to the acting hero for each Doombot added).
SFX: Divide And Conquer. As a result of a Doombots dice pool with no Opportunities rolled, create another Doombots Mob and divide Team dice between them.
Limit: Mob Cohesion. Defeat Team dice (with d10 or more Stress) to reduce Mob by 1.

Cybernetic Senses d6
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Superhuman Durability d10
Superhuman Strength d10
SFX:  Boost. Shutdown highest-rated Weapons Platform or Powered Armor power to step up another Powered Armor power by +1. Recover power by activating an opportunity.

Missiles d6
Repulsors d8
Supersonic Flight d10
SFX:  EMP. Target multiple tech-based opponents. Add a d6 or step up the lowest die in the doom pool by +1 for each target and add them to a dice pool including Repulsors. Return added dice to doom pool and shutdown Weapons Platform. Recover power by activating an opportunity.
SFX:  Unibeam. Step up or double Repulsors on your next roll, or spend Doom Die to do both, then shutdown Repulsors. Recover power by activating an opportunity.