The Skrull

Solo    d10
Buddy    d6
Team    d8

Understated Hero

Power Sets
Vision Blast    d10
Superhuman Durability    d10
Intangibility    d10
Invisibility    d10
Superhuman Speed    d10
Supersonic Flight    d10
Mind Control    d12
Telepathy    d12
Superhuman Reflexes    d10
Superhuman Senses    d10
Shapeshifting    d12
Superhuman Stamina    d10
Godlike Strength    d12
Stretching    d8
SFX: Multipower – Use two or more Skrullian powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.
SFX: Regeneration – Spend Doom Die to recover physical stress or step back physical trauma by 1.
SFX: Extraordinary Telepath – Add a d6 and step up effect die by +1 when creating psychic power complications. Add Telepath to dice pool when helping others recover mental or emotional stress. Spend 1 Doom Die to recover another’s Mental or Emotional Stress or step back another’s Mental or Emotional Trauma. You may split Mind Control or Telepathy into 2d10 or 3d8.
SFX: Invulnerable – Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by fire.
Limit: Psychic Pyrophobia – Gain 1 PP and Shutdown Skrullian powers when subjected to complications or physical stress caused by fire or intense heat.

Covert Expert d8
Crime Expert d8
Psych Master d10