Maria Throne
She is a short, slender Latina woman with full, luscious features and tightly curled hair that reaches her shoulders. In her mortal guise, her skin is the color of light coffee, contrasting with her dark, almost black eyes and cinnamon hair. To the eyes of the fae, her hair takes on an iridescent quality, shifting between blue and red and all the colors in which roses can be found. Her ringlets tighten up and twist into more complex patterns, making her hair resemble a flowing mass of roses in various stages of blossom. Her scent is that of a rose garden in the height of bloom. However others see her, Maria is always dressed in the trendiest and most revealing outfits on the South Beach club scene. She favors blues and reds and blacks, and is almost always accompanied by one or two hangers-on, whether mortal groupies or changeling cohorts.