Deathless Ivan
However one sees him, Ivan is massive. Almost seven feet tall and topping 350 pounds, the man is a hulking wall of ugly muscle and sadistic grin. Unless attending a Court function (in which case he crams himself into a tuxedo), he tends to dress like a drifter: layers of frayed, torn and dirty clothes, sturdy boots and a wool cap pulled down over his head. In his mortal guise, Ivan is ugly; in his fae mien, he is horrendous. Skin the purplish shade of a new bruise and a face that looks like itís taken a trip through a meat grinder are shocking enough, but the most unnerving aspect of his mien is the ragged tear in his chest that seems to show the empty space where his heart should be. The reds of his Summer Mantle only seem to further discolor his flesh away from any living hue.