Erik Heller
Erik is a large man, muscular, with the look of a militant lumberjack.  Standing in at 6'7" and well over 200 pounds of muscle and distain looks ready to beat anyone down who gets in his way.  The smart tend to listen when he tells them to 'look but don't touch'.  His work attire is a T shirt roughly 2 sizes too small so that it fits him more like it was painted on, and a pair of blue jeans in good state.  Nothing ripped, stained, or messed up.  If one looks closely they will notice cat hair on it though.

His dark hair is usually long, mostly clean, and his beard is kept in some form of upkeep.  Though largely his physical state seems to say he doesn't care about himself.  That he is just holding himself together for other's sake.  It's his eyes that say it all, when he has a chance to take a breath, when he is dressed down from work, his eyes are sad.  The guttering flames of anger linger there, but without a catalyst will just be embers glowing waiting for fuel.  Something to distract from the self loathing, and pain.  His casual clothing is a pair of Jeans, and a flannel shirt, and often times when doing something dangerous a Brown coat with a fleece lining.

Fey Mein
Erik looks like a humanoid draconic bruiser with a face fit to be on the prow of any viking raiding vessel.  his scales are a frozen blue and his gaze is the same as when his mask is viewed.  Either angry, or sorrowful.  Sometimes a mix of both.  His coat is in reality a chainmail made of links of ice and and silver.  IT is lined with a bear fur pelt.

Erik is rough, vulgar, insulting, and seems like if his own mother was drowning he would only reach out his hand to hold her under.  In reality nothing gets his rage up like seeing a child in danger.  Second fastest is seeing someone unable to fight back being tormented by those clearly stronger than them.  Sure he murdered those weaker than him in his durance but he was always quick about it.  He never took joy in it.  It was just something mechanical.  Yet unless a child is involved he will be as course and insulting to the one he saves as he always is.