Quixotic Quetzal
Quixotic Quetzal - "Ixie"                                                                                                               
        "What's the best kind of bird?  A Mockingbird~!" - Ixie
        Dawn Caste
        Idealistic Adventurer; Notorious Loudmouth;  Friend to Grandmother Bright

   Image: http://s32.postimg.cc/oqeno84ph/Quixi_Full.jpg

One can't mistake Quixotic Quetzal for anything remotely unremarkable. The first and most defining feature anyone would see on looking at her are her elegantly feathered wings. With a span wider than she is tall at roughly six feet, they're rather magnificent, though she often keeps them drawn in to a third the span, fitting almost entirely behind her shoulders. Her feathers are teal and gold, resembling an An-Teng Quetzal (Though she smells much better).

Beyond her wings, the young woman is actually fairly small, rising to only about four foot ten unless one counts the curve of her withdrawn wings or her hair, pinned up in perky twintails. She has attractive features, a clear complexion with large, bright green eyes. Her hair is a bit thick and kept well-washed, like the rest of her, so it has a youthful, energetic bounce to it as she moves.  Slim as an An-Teng palm tree, though, Quetzal has a definite softness to her build, with slight shoulders and diminutive curves.

Her favored attire is a rare and expensive gossamer garb that seems particularly suited to her proportions - implying that it was tailored, though how she could afford such a thing is an open question. The brilliant skirt wraps comfortably around her hips, and the top secures  about her upper body without hindering her wings - in fact, save for a securing clasp across the center of her back, the entire top is backless, and it also reveals her sides, optimized for mobility. Elegant and flashy, it's easy to overlook that gossamer is actually quite strong, and serves as light armor to protect her vitals.

At her waist, she carries a pouch with crossbow bolts, and she affixes her crossbow, when not in immediate use, to the elegant tassel worn about her waist. It hangs accessible at her side, ready to be pulled free on demand, and is usually kept loaded, but not cocked to fire. She also has a utilitarian knife tucked at the side of her skirt, useful but ill-suited to combat.

Despite her size, Ixie's voice is loud and clear-toned. She has remarkable range, another quirk of her former Mistress's warping of her flesh - she can hit high notes with ease, issuing shrill cries in tones bordering or irritating, but she can equally lower her tone into a simmering, seductive purr. One imagines that were she to put in the practice, she would be a dazzling singer.

When her anima hits the totemic stage, her feathers blaze with light, and her anima manifests longer, sweeping feathers from her wingtips, as well as a featheref fan skirt about her waist. Her aura also leaves trails of fluttering golden feathers of light.