Name: Si-ad / Lirin
Caste: Night
Supernal: Investigation


Son of a whore from Nexus, the illegitimate child of a high-ranking Guild merchant, Si-ad was born into a life fraught with misfortune.  Though his father did not know of his existence, his mother told her son stories of who he was: a Scavenger Lord-turned-Guild merchant, rich and handsome and kind, and how one day the two of them would go to him and Si-ad would be acknowledged and accepted into his home and family.  But there was no place for fairy-tale reunions on the streets of Nexus and his mother died when Si-Ad was eight years old, by the hands of a plague that raged through his neighborhood, killing people by the score.
Uncertain on what to do and where to go, Si-ad resolved to find his father that he was told so many stories of, and after roaming Nexus for weeks, a small, but smart, child appeared on the doorstep of Xin Zhang, a prominent Guild merchant.  But this was not the man told of in his mother's bedtime stories: this was a opportunistic, greedy, and wicked man, more than willing to sell his own mother for a bent yen. But he was smart and and he was cunning, for when he saw Si-ad, Zhang saw more than a dirty urchin: he saw a bright and resourceful child capable of being molded to his wishes.  And so Si-ad was taken in by Zhang; not as a son, but as an asset to be trained and conditioned to do as Zhang wished.
And so it went for nearly a decade.  First he learned to watch, to listen, and to spy.  Then to sneak, to skulk, and to steal.  And then as he grew older, Si-ad learned to fight, to hunt, and to kill.   And throughout this all, Zhang grew wealthier and more powerful, elevated by the unfortunate mishaps and disappearances that his enemies and rival continued to seem to suffer.  That is until one day when Si-ad was sent to remove a particularly troublesome rival: he broke in, took what he needed to assign guilt elsewhere and found the rival merchant slumbering peacefully in his bed.  A dagger through the ribs missed his heart and the merchant awoke, gasping in pain and confusion and Si-ad realized a mistake he made so many years ago.  For the man whose life was ended had the same eyes as Si-ad: one the blue of the Western seas and the other the green of the forests of the East, both flecked with the gold of the rising sun.  As Si-ad saw this in his father's eyes, his father saw it his Si-ad's, but rather than calling out for help, he smiled and with a breathless whisper of apology, he pressed something into Si-ad's hand and slipped away.  And Si-ad could do nothing, for he had been trained to take a life, not save one.  And so the first time that Si-ad met his true father, he killed him for the man who has masqueraded as his parent for a decade.  Filled with horror at his actions and anger at the impostor who ordered him to do it, Si-ad took the gift: a silvery white talisman of an eye, a memento to remember his terrible mistake.
Returning to Zhang's estate, Si-ad waited for his return and in the interim, resolved to never again be fooled by such a man.  And so when the merchant arrived, pleased at seeing his "son" return successful, Si-ad struck as he had been trained to.  A sense of holy vengeance and righteous judgment filled Si-ad as Zhang was struck down, giving him a sense of purpose he had never felt before.  And so the Guild lost two powerful merchants that night, by the blade of the same man who now fled the city, knowing that such an affront would not be tolerated.
It was not.  No matter where Si-ad went, the blades of the Guild followed, seeking him out in villages and cities alike, but none who found him ever reported back, for Zhang trained him too well and his father, in their all-too short reunion, had given Si-ad a priceless gift: the Talisman of One Thousand Eyes which Si-ad began to learn to use simply out of necessity and survival.  And so Si-ad fled farther and farther, eventually ending up in the deep South, hiding in Gem under an assumed name, making money as a sell-sword and a thief when he met Jonas, a magistrate of Gem, a man who helped those who needed it, who fought only when necessary, and who recognized when a young man had only made a few bad decisions, but had the kernel of honesty and goodness needed to be a valuable and trusted ally.
Deputizing Si-ad, Jonas began training him and taught him how to not just watch and spy, but to see the hidden truth.  To not just sneak and steal, but to liberate the exploited from their masters.  To not just stalk and kill, but to show mercy in his judgments.  And so under the tutelage of Jonas, Si-ad became a better person, that kernel of goodness nurtured and fed.  But there was a still a dark past and a seed of darkness within his soul, and one day that past came knocking on Si-ad's door; knowing that Jonas would not be safe with the Guild assassins looking for him, Si-ad left Gem and headed north.
Arriving in Chiaroscuro, Si-ad took a new name and a new face to better hide in the city of glass; remembering what Jonas had said about his son, dead a decade past, he took up the name of Lirin and darkened his skin, his eyes, and his hair to match that of Jonas, who he now remarkably resembled.  And in Chiaroscuro, Si-ad mirrored Jonas in one more manner: he worked not for himself, but helped those that he could, in whatever way he could.  This selfless behavior attracted the attention of the Tri-Khan, a man who needed the services of someone not attached to any other.
That was how the Tri-Khan of Chiaroscuro and Lirin of Gem met: the Tri-Khan needed someone to act on his behalf, independently of the guard, and Lirin wanted to honor his murdered father and to honor Jonas, who he abandoned.

I was picturing that Si-ad/Lirin doesn't actually know he is a Solar/Anathema, as he never had a single moment that he can point at his exaltation occurring at; he just continuously has been better than other people (if I have to point to a single moment, it would be killing his father, though he doesn't know it), and because he is a Night caste, *everything* has been muted.

Story Goal: To strike back at the Guild however he can