Chromium is tall and lithe at 6ft and 220lbs he moves with an inhuman grace that only elves and those suitably enhanced manage, his hair is long and usually slightly disheveled from his helmet His eyes are obviously cyber with molten bronze iris but what often grabs the eye is the pair of chrome and red cyber arms that he almost always has clearly on display.

He tends to wear sleeveless military combat vests over his midriff that cover the armored vest beneath but supply him with ample storage for the gear he'll typically bring with him anywhere he goes. If he is expecting trouble a large Are's monosword is usually strapped to his back, and it doesn't seem to slow him down at all rather being a part of him.

He regularly rides a Suzuki Mirage, tearing up the street far too rapidly for anyone's liking, but with some vague gesture at safety he wears what appears to be a modified combat helmet with the tag of the Ancients at the back. Typically his look is complete with combat boots and black cargo pants, again with plenty of pockets to store things in and give him some cover if he did have a little accident.