Oberon is one of the rare elves of whom it could be said is “built like a brick house”, in that he manages to still be as broad as a most human. Despite this he retains the easy grace of his counterparts.
At first glance one would catch his dark hair worn tied away from his face and the almost bone deep tan of someone often outdoors. Those who look a bit closer will spot eyes of almost lupine size and amber colour. His mannerisms often put those eyes to work as he tends to watch the world almost surreptitiously. Someone trying to pin his origins would have to listen carefully in order to catch the barest hint of Joule that creeps in now and then otherwise he seems little more than another North Eastern UCAS citizen.
Oberon usually tries to “look the part” whenever he is in the city but in truth pomade and business suits are less familiar to him than wood smoke and denim. He can pull off a suit as well as any but he tends to overdress as if the fashions of the city were a camouflage.
In his element he favours well worn clothes and survival armours that seem much more appropriate on him.