Amelya Songheart
Being born into a prestigious elven house, Amelya Songheart had access to the best education. She studied the sciences of magic and architecture, and the noble elven art of weaving the two together. In her home city, she rose as a brilliant architect, designing beautiful buildings and structures, and bringing them into the world. One fateful day, she fought alongside her people to fend off a horde of orc marauders set to pillage their city. Since that day, she has been dreaming of glory. She set out to discover the world and its wonders, determined to carve a place in it for herself: a golden, prestigious place.

Amelya can appear as an intense, frank and eccentric woman. She loves everything beautiful, and is a hard perfectionist: everything she does must be done perfectly. She is an ardent ambitious: always on the lookout for bigger projects to undertake, for more glorious quests to take on. She is one to spot a diamond in the rough, and is quick to make new companions. However, she despises those who prey on the weak for their own gain: to her, they are nothing but pathetic, lazy excuses for true talent. She usually dresses in beautiful, vividly colored outfits. She is extremely picky on what she wears: for her, aesthetics must never come at the expense of practicality - and vice-versa. She can at time be exigent and demanding: she only wants the best for herself. She often lack tact and subtlety, and will always say what is on her mind - which can at time be irritating or offensive for others. She can also sometimes be arrogant and selfish, but she will never truly hurt someone else - not intentionally, that is. However, her fury knows no bound against those who attack her friends.

As part of her education, she received a strict, traditional martial training. She became quite talented with a bow ; her magnificent royal eagle familiar, who she coincidentally named "Arrow", being her eyes in the sky. As part of her obligatory military service, she served as a sentinel on the city's outskirts. Even if she can at times be distracted or lost in her mind, her senses never betrayed her. Rare are those who can take her by surprise, and she always seems to be a move ahead of her adversaries. She never let her bow leaves her sight. It is her most prized possession: a beautiful - and deadly - family heirloom. She is also never really far from her animal companion: she couldn't bare if something happened to him.