Zin'sim'sal Yellowscale
Quite tall for a Kobold at 3 feet and 3 inches, Zin has a somewhat bottom-heavy frame thanks to her heavy appetite. Otherwise slim and quick looking, she perpetually has a jovial look about her, a chipperness that some mistake for being smug. The Kobold's eyes and scales are both golden in color, and her tail is thicker and more powerful looking than one would expect from a kobold, more like that of a dragon. There is a heavy metal cap covered in spikes wrapped around the end, which causes it to hang low toward the ground when she is relaxed.

Her motions are neither quick nor slow, everything seeming to have a certain deliberation to it that takes what would otherwise be fast motions down to the same speed of a normal person, as though she had to stop and weigh the options before any given movement.