Sigbard Squallmane
Height:  Average     Weight:  Average         Eye color: Amber -pin pricked           Hair: Black- shoulder length mess of a mane with large spiky sideburns and a short but full messy beard or at least it used to be like that until the prison decided to trim them. now his hair looks like the picture.

He is also of course, sporting the bestial teeth and claws of a wolfen. His nose is wide, Aquiline, with large nostrils and a scar going across the bridge from the landing. His left cheek also shows significant scaring from the same crash. His right ear has a little bit missing from the lobule. He has of late commandeered a suit of Gray Knight power armor.

So you wish to know why a “Son of Russ” is here to join your crusade?” Sigbard gave a murderous grin “ Very well, I’ll tell you. My pack mates where slain in a most heinous act of betrayal. During a battle with tyranid forces the Inquisition opened fire on the planet believing it lost and beyond all hope. Perhaps they thought they could wipe out the whole hive. They didn’t even send out a signal to let us in on their plans. My pack mates were some of the first casualties; I barely escaped in a single man shuttle we had spotted just before the bombing. One of the ships picked me up and immediately tried to wipe my mind to hide their crimes no doubt. I broke free and caused the ship to destruct. The puny men stood no chance against me even in my diminished state. The resulting explosion cascaded and took out all but one ship, the flag ship. So I took the Oath of the Lone Wolf to hunt down the surviving ship and carve my vengeance from the hides of her crew…. I see from your look, you still wonder why I am here. What better way to find my quarry than to have them find me? I have renounced the false gods of the Imperium and embraced the truth of Chaos.

What Sigbard doesn't know is that just before the bombardment the Inquisition sent out a warning to every planet stride unit. His pack didn't receive it because a Tyranid had damaged a small but major component in one of the communicators preventing the message from being received.

After his rampage on the Inquisition battleship, Sigbard found himself in the warp unbeknownst to him the warp made a copy of him, because the Warp does weird things sometimes. One went on to join a group that may or may not have existed called the Frozen Shadows and died in their service. The other popped back into the Material Plane only to end up in this prison colony. While he did terminate most of the Inquisition fleet he sustained heavy damage during the battle, and was nearly slain on landing on this planet from a malfunction in the escape pod, allowing the prison staff to collar him. The one that is currently still alive has occasional memories of a demon ship the crew and the other Frozen Shadows, which for some reason the last memory seems to be of Zombies. Other whys this is basically the same Sigbard in black watch.