Vasa of Tarnor
Vasa's natural beauty is marred at the moment by the dust, sweat, and grime of the harsh environment, but she seems in good health for someone who should be dying of metal toxicity.

She has olive skin, dainty features, and wide, dark eyes.  Her long hair hangs down he back; as filthy as the rest of her, but still hinting a natural deep black sheen.  Her body is slender, but fit, though concealed for the moment beneath the dark gray ragged robes she wears over her prison issued flack suit.  She bears a series of tattoes, from the diamond pattern in the midst of her forehead, to the strange scrawl that runs down the side of her neck - marks of distinction that only someone deeply familiar with the world of Q'Sal in the screaming vortex would know.

There are at least two obvious sign she may not be an ordinary human being - for one her voice.    When she speaks a chorus of whispers seems to whisper alongside her,  lending an eerie echoing quality to her lilting soprano voice.   For another,  where her right hand should be, a nest of tentacle instead emerge from the hem of her dark garments; smooth and almost shiny, the unnatural digits span the full rainbow of colours, and range in size from tiny tendrils to thicker than a normal finger.  She doesn't seem terribly inconvenienced by her unconventional digits, and doesn't go out of her way to hide them - perhaps because it's positively tame compared to some of the more unusual mutations in the mines.

Her face is usually impassive - almost bored - showing little emotional reaction to either the harshness of their conditions, or the abuses visited by prisoners on one another.  Her outer calm can't always hide the calculating intelligence in her eyes though, and there's a definite air about her that suggests she isn't broken yet.