- Rook Sanderson
Priest at the Elkwall temple to Erastil.

Rook is a somewhat young man with the carriage of someone older. His dirty blonde hair is kept short with regular applications of a blade, though it seems to have missed the slight scruff on his upper lip and chin. Moss green eyes rest underneath a heavy brow that's covered in sweat more often than not. He's tall with a hale build that doesn't feature much in the way of muscle. Despite that, it shows a life of toil in the fields, particularly in the coarseness of his hands and, at times, behavior. The clothing he wears is made to last and to stand up to the harshness of the elements with little thought given to style. Always present is a roughly carved symbol of Erastil on a thick leather cord around his neck. His elkskin cloak is similarly branded with his god's mark.